Porcelain Bridges

Porcelain Bridges

Porcelain bridges can solve the same problems as implants and are a great alternative for patients who are unable to get a dental implant. One of the few ways to replace one or more missing teeth is to create a bridge. Bridges consist of two crowns on natural teeth, which suspend one or more false teeth in an empty space. This “bridges” the gap and replaces the missing teeth. With proper care, a bridge can last for many years.

What to expect - 2 or 3 appointments
First Appointment

At your appointment with us, we will administer full local anesthesia for the teeth being treated. Our doctors will prepare the teeth to create room for the porcelain bridge. A digital 3D scan or impression of the prepared teeth will be taken. This scan or impression will be sent to our laboratory’s ceramist for fabrication of a porcelain bridge that looks and feels like your natural teeth. A shade for the permanent bridge will also be selected.

A temporary bridge is created, polished and cemented. The purpose of the temporary bridge is to protect you from sensitivity, shifting of teeth, and keep the gums from moving over the prepared margins of the tooth. During the next two weeks prior to porcelain bridge delivery, you’ll want to avoid sticky or hard foods near the treated tooth, so the temporary bridge does not dislodge. If it comes off or breaks, call our office so we can try to replace it as fast as possible.

Potential Second Appointment

A framework for your bridge will be tried in and adjusted as necessary.

Last Appointment

The final bridge will be tried in and examined for fit, function, comfort and esthetic approval. A dental radiograph may be taken at this appointment to ensure perfect seating of the bridge on the teeth. If all is acceptable, dental cement will be applied to the internal side of the bridge to seat it fully on the teeth. Any excess cement will be cleaned off and removed. You will be provided with any necessary instruction to take proper care of your new bridge.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Porcelain bridges are dental prosthetics that replace one or more missing teeth by anchoring artificial teeth to adjacent natural teeth.

With proper care and regular dental check-ups, porcelain bridges can last for many years, providing a long-term solution for missing teeth.

Yes, porcelain bridges are an excellent alternative for patients who are unable to receive dental implants. They offer a stable and aesthetic solution to replace missing teeth.

Typically, two to three appointments are needed for porcelain bridges. These appointments involve tooth preparation, impressions, framework trials, and the final bridge placement.

To maintain your porcelain bridge, practice good oral hygiene by brushing and flossing regularly. Avoid biting on hard objects or foods that can damage the bridge, and attend regular dental check-ups for professional maintenance.

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