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Grinding your teeth can cause the following problems:

->Extreme jaw pain
->Eroded, flattened, or fractured tooth surfaces
->Extreme Sensitivity

->Sleepless nights


Occlusal guards (“Nightguards”) are most often worn at night, but can also be worn while watching TV on the couch or sitting at your office desk to prevent damage to the teeth. People who grind their teeth or unintentionally clench down too hard when they sleep can cause pain and damage to their teeth. We can custom fit an occlusal guard for you to help protect your teeth and resolve issues that you may be having with grinding or clenching.

We can also help protect your pearly whites if you are involved in high-impact sports that could result in a chipped or lost tooth.


What to expect during you appointment

A full mouth digital 3D scan or impression will be taken and sent to our laboratory in order to fabricate the type of mouth guard we need. Our occlusal guards and sports guards are individually designed and customized to fit your mouth perfectly.