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If you have years of stain and color on your teeth from wine, coffee, tea, dark sodas, and smoking, then Zoom whitening may be for you. Our doctors can remove years of stain and color from your teeth in a single, one-hour treatment and put the sparkle back in your pearly whites.


What to expect - 1 hour treatment

After an examination and cleaning have been completed at our office to clear away any superficial debris that would interfere with the whitening procedure, we will schedule you for Zoom whitening. A hydrogen peroxide solution gel will be carefully and evenly applied to your teeth, taking careful precautions to avoid the gums. The solution will be left on the teeth for 15 minute intervals and then washed away. Every patient is different, but normally after three or four intervals of 15 minutes your teeth will have lifted three or four shades lighter on the dental shade guide.

After the procedure, a relief gel will be applied. Some brief sensitivity will occur in even the most non-sensitive people, but will not last long. Brushing with Sensodyne and avoiding extremely hot or cold foods will help alleviate sensitivity.

Our office also provides you with at-home whitening trays and gel to use whenever you feel like you need a boost to whiten your smile!